Full Body Waxing

Eye Brow Wax $15

Nose Wax $8

Lip Wax $5

Chin Wax $8

Ear Wax $10

Areola  $7 

Side Burn Wax $18

Neck Wax $15

Full Face Wax $35

Underarm Wax $20

Swim Suit Wax $20

Bikini Wax $30

Womens Brazilian Wax $45 

Inner Thigh Wax $15

Full Butt Wax $25

Happy Trail Wax $12

Half Leg Wax $40

Full Leg Wax $65

Half Arm Wax $25

Full Arm Wax $40

Back Wax (women) $30

Back Wax (men) $60

Chest Wax (men) $50

Face & Body Treatments

Customized Relaxing Facial         60min - $75            90min -$105

 Cleanse, skin analysis, two treatments designed for your skin and finishing off with a lymphatic massage and facial cupping. 

Customized Acne Facial $90 - Thorough skin, diet and life analysis to dig down deep into the root cause of your specific acne. We will proceed with a customized facial targeting your skins health. This will include Cleanse, skin analysis, Enzyme or Peel, Extractions, RED LED treatment, high frequency, lymph drainage massage . I will follow with product recommendations, lifestyle changes, and treatment plan.

Customized Aging Facial $90 - Cleanse, skin analysis, Microdermabrasion, Enzyme, or Peel, RED LED treatment, Hydration treatment, Gua Sha, Microcurrent or Facial cupping treatment.

Dermaplane  Facial $80 - Cleanse, skin analysis, Dermaplane, tone, high frequency, hydration treatment, facial massage.

Dermaplane Add ON $40

Microdermabrasion Treatment $ 60 - Cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Hydration treatment.

Peel or Enzyme Treatment $60 - Cleanse, degrease skin, peel, Hydration treatment. I use 100% pure all natural fruit, vegetable and herbal peels or enzymes. I do not use any synthetically made ingredients. Your skin will except the ingredients better and have much better results with hardly any downtime going an all natural route!

Micro-needling or Nano-needling : This treatment is for any skin type, using a collagen induction pen and pushing wonderful ingredients deep  down into the skin I am able to achieve wonderful results with any skin concern. 

Face - $150


Décolleté -$90

All three Area Bundle - $ 275

Stem Cell and growth factor Treatment with Micro-Needling $50 add on

Little Lavish Kids Facial $30 - Having children experience the importance of taking care of their skin, massaging their skin, and using good skincare sets them up for good skin in the future! This treatment includes : 1 microbiome friendly mask, massage of the face ,arms and hands, lip treatment, fun cooling eye treatment, 1 microbiome friendly hydration treatment. A PARENT OR GAURDIAN HAS TO BE PRESENT DURING THE WHOLE TREATMENT.

Better Belly Treatment $60 - Cleanse, Exfoliation, Red LED, Ice treatment, Hydration Treatment. * IF PREGNANT I WILL USE ALL PREGNANCY SAFE MODALITIES AND INGREDIENTS* 

Back Facial $70 - Having concerns with your back area? Its a hard place to reach and even harder to treat on your own! Let me do it for you!

Vagacial $60 - Do you treat your vagina area like you do your face? Its about time you do! Experience this treatment (recommended with a Brazilian Wax). Facial for your lady parts! ADD ON TO BRAZILIAN WAX FOR $30

Butt Facial $40 - Have little bumps on your bum? Maybe rough skin in the fold of your booty? This is for you!

Foot Peel $60 - Have rough heels even after getting a pedicure? Lets get down deep and shed that skin off for soft feet all year round.


Full Body Dry Brush with finishing hydration treatment $80 - Is your body looking dull, are you glowing all around? With a great exfoliation and a nourishing hydration treatment your body will have never looked so good! Enjoy supple ,glowing skin year round!

EyeLashes & EyeBrows

Eye Brow Tint $15 - Are your brows lighter than you want, add a little color with brow tinting!

Eye Brow Wax & Tint $25

Eyebrow Lamintaion $50 - Straightening your brow hairs to look groomed, thicker and fuller at all times of the day.

Eyebrow Lamination and Eyebrow Tint $55

Eyebrow Lamination and Eyebrow Wax $55

Eyebrow Lamination, Eyebrow Wax and Eyebrow Tint $60

Eyelash Tint $25 - Tired of needing so much mascara or want a little pop of color right when you wake up, lash tinting is for you!

Eyelash Lift $60 - lifting your lashes will give you an amazing " I woke up like this" look! No more eyelash curler needed!

Eyelash Lift & Eyelash Tint $75

Product Features

Circa 1920 CBD 
Blissoma Organic Skin Care 
Dawn Lorraine Skin Care
Hale and Hush Skin Care
Green Envee Skin Care 
Ante AGE Skin Care
Elleebana Lash Lift
London Brow Lamination